What are the best chargers for AGM marine deep cycle battery?

It is obvious that AGM batteries have become best common batteries for boats over the past few years. This is because AGM batteries are high current, low maintenance, durable with very affordable costs. However, when you are out on the water all day, you will need the best charge for deep cycle battery to keep your AGM batteries function for long time.

As an angler, I really need the quality charger that perfect for my AGM batteries, so I tested several chargers on the market and listed here the best that won’t harm the batteries and do not overcharge them.

You can check the article about charge for deep cycle battery here, or you can find some helpful information on this website.

#1 NOCO Genius GENM2, 2-Bank, 8-Amp (4-Amp Per Bank) Fully-Automatic Smart Marine Charger

The NOCO Genius GENM2 8 Amp 2-Bank Waterproof are available in several models that range from a 1 bank, 4-amp model up to a 4 bank, 40-amp each model. The charger is designed for 12-volt rechargeable batteries. Not only AGM batteries, this charge also can work with gel, wet and MF batteries with a 20 to 120 Ah capacity.

I really like this charger marine due to its compact size and good performance that can deliver power to your deep cycle battery. When using this charger on the water, you can rest your mind as it offers some safety features such as sparks protection, prevents overcharging, thermal effects, accidental ignition, and reverse polarity effects.

It also offers recovery mode, which help promote the tired batteries for more charges out of them. Generally speaking, NOCO Genius GENM2 is an exceptional charger that charging faster and maintaining the batteries in the optimal operating conditions.

#2 Minn Kota Digital On-Board Battery Chargers

The MinnKota MK 210D On-Board Battery Charger is 2 banks charger that offers 5 amps per bank. It is sophisticate designed product for boat using. It can quick charge your batteries while prevent overcharging them. Minn Kota is the reliable brand that you can trust on.

It is even better for the older batteries as it offers the multiple stages charging process. It also ensures to not overheating the batteries. You will know the batteries status during charging process due to its smart status updates. There is maintenance mode, which will help to keep a battery is always full that’s plugged in for an extended period.

The battery capacity is 10-amp that is devided into 5 amps per bank. The charger cast has been tested to resists corrosion, what makes it ideal for saltwater boating.

You also do not need to worry about overcharge as it features a microprocessor is employed to charging accurately and automatic turn off charging if the battery is full.

#3 STANLEY BC15BS Fully Automatic 15 Amp 12V Bench Battery Charger/Maintainer

The STANLEY BC15BS 15 Amp Bench Battery Charger is not only a charge for deep cycle batteries. It is available in 2 products are 15-amp and 25-amp. The 15-amp that I reviewed here also can provide 40-amps that can be used as the start charger for a vehicle’s engine. That means this battery is not only a charger for boat but also starting device for your engine when your car or boat battery is dead.

It also can works with WET, GEL, or AGM batteries, and 12 volt batteries used in boats. It offers higher frequency setup with three staged charging modes for your batteries are rapid, top-off and trickle.

It also comes with the same features with the two previous options on this list is that it help promote the older, worn batteries can be charge few more times. It may take you 1 minute and 30 seconds to start the engine.

What I like about this charge is that it comes with the useful LCD screen. It will show on the display screen the current amp, battery level, and the status of battery hookup.

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How to clean glass top stove cookware?

Induction cooktops have a glass surface might suffer abrasions and scratches in the cooking process. This is because you do not clean your cookware bottom properly way. To get the best results from your cookware and also avoid them damage your glass top stove, it is essential to clean your pots and pans regularly.

Luckily, the best cookware for glass top stove are high-quality and have flat bottom that do not require lots of effort to clean. In order to properly clean them, is first to consider the type of material the piece is made of.

#1 Enamel

Enamel/Porcelain is the easiest material to clean as it is usually very smooth and rarely let any food stick to the surface. However, it always better to add it on your cleaning habit. If there are any grime or residue that is pretty tough. You can place the enamel pan or pot in the freezer for about 1 hour. After that, take it out and use a soft sponge or brush and warm soapy water to clean it. the residues will quickly come off.

#2 Aluminum

Aluminum cookware may be marked some scorch in the surface after a period of time used. So it is essential to use something gentle that gets rid of the food but also the marks heat may leave on the aluminum cookware.

There is the simple receipt that you can make at home to clean aluminum cookware. You just need to mix a tablespoon of cream of tartar, a tablespoon of lemon juice and a quart of water. Pouring into the inside of the pot and pan and wait for about 15 minutes. After that, using the towel to gentle wipe the interior to get rid of the residues.

#3 Stainless steel and titan

They are metals and it is quite more difficult to get rid of residues and dirt on the metals. The best way to clean them is use the mixture of soap with hot water. If the metal has stains or hard-to-remove residues, you could use warm water for better results. There is another effective way is soaking a towel in white vinegar for a few minutes and wipe your cookware.

Just rinse afterward, and that’s it.

#4 Copper

Cleaning the copper cookware with a brush or sponge with soapy water. If you have the obstinate stains, you can try to coat the surface and interior of the copper cookware with lemon juice. Wait for about 30 minutes and the surface will be shiny and neat.

What are the safety rules when using paintball sniper?

The best paintball sniper for group game can improve the accuracy of your shot and enhance the power of the shot. Due to that, it also very painful if you are shot. Paintballing is great activity that we can play in the group but it’s important to note that getting hit with a paintball is not always the most pleasant experience.

Regardless if you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran out there on the field, you also should know some basic safety rules to ensure the safety and reduces the rick for both you and other players on the field.

#1 Always wear the mask when playing

During the game, remember the wear your mask all the times. Do not take your mask off in the range of the field and especially dead zone. This is the immutable rule and no exceptions. Keep masks on until barrel plugs have been placed back on all loaded guns.

The most severe paintball injuries usually occur because someone take the mask of when the game still going.

#2 No Blind Firing

Do not fire if you are hold the eye down and you do not really know exactly what you are firing at. Blind firing can lead to the risk that you shoot at the player that are ending the game at this moment, referees, animals, or something you should not shoot.

#3 Shoot with the speed less than 300 FPS

It is recommended to keep the speed of the paintball under 300 feet per second, it is better to under 280 fps. Sniper speeds can be timed with a paintball chronograph, you should purchase on one of the timer and control it.

If you set the velocities of the paintball at above 300 FPS, it can cause the vary painfully and even serious injure such as severe welts and broken skin, while under 280 FPS only cause small bruises for people.

#4 Barrel plug or barrel sock

You have to find a method to protect you and other players from the paintballs. All the sniper should be blocks to prevent the unexpected paintballs are shot. Safeties of the sniper are great option that should be use, however they often fail or are not properly used.

Therefore, you can block your paintball sniper by barrel plug or barrel sock. Unless everyone has wear the mask on, you should not take out your barrel plugs.

How to mount best camera clip on your backpack strap?

If you plant to go out for exploring the wildness, it is obvious that you will want to take the pictures of the beautiful landscape. However, it is easy to miss the perfect shot and inconvenient to stop and take the camera out of your bag.

This is why you should have the best camera clip. Camera clip can be the solution for this situation when you carry your camera all day and like to always have camera ready to capture a shot. If you never ever hear about camera clip, keep reading this post for some pro tips to attach your camera on the backpack strap by clip.

#1 Where you should mount the camera clip?

The place to mount the camera clip also depends on which hand do you handed with. If you are right handed, the perfect position for mounting camera clip is on your left shoulder strap, just below your collarbone.

This is because your right hand is more active, it will less be tangled in right hand to mount in the left. Not only that, this position is provides ample support and easy access to the quick release button.

It is also convenient when you want to pull the camera out for the quick shot. You also should move clip up and down on your shoulder strap to find out the position that is most comfortable for you.

#2 Tighten your backpack straps

As the camera can get in your way, you can prevent it by tighten your backpack straps and engage the sternum strap to keep the camera more stability in its position. This is aso the right way to wear the modern backpacks.

Adjust and ensure that the backpack is fit with your body, do not wear too loosely. This will make it a lot easier to move around with your camera

#3 Heavy backpack

If you are get struggle and trying to figure out how to mount clip to your bag you can fill up your bad so you can get a feel for the weight distribution. When the backpacks that are fully packed and heavier will further increase the stability of your camera.

#4 Tight the sternum strap over your camera and clip

If you are join some jarring activity like skiing or trail running, keeping the camera stable is quite important. There is the tip for you that you can tight the sternum strap over your camera and also the clip. It will attach the camera to your chest and keep it from bouncing.

Tips For Feeding Best Greens For Bearded Dragon

Sometimes your bearded dragons are picky eaters and stubborn. Especially if you do not create eating greens habit for them from a young age.

As a guideline, an adult bearded dragon diet should be about 20% animal-based food and 80% plant-based food.

It is important to figure out what are the best greens for bearded dragon and encourage them to eat these greens. If your bearded dragons do not eat greens for a long time, it can be the risk for their health. These things below are some suggestions and tips that help your bearded dragons love to eat their greens.

#1 Mixing various greens up

Sometimes your bearded dragons do not eat greens simply because they hate the greens that you feed them. There are some greens that can be considered as best greens for bearded dragons: endive, spring mix, carrot tops, broccoli, turnip greens, beet greens, mustard greens, collard greens.

Besides, some other types can take a lesser percentage of the diet are mustard greens, watercress, kale, dandelion, escarole, etc.

Bearded dragons can eat most vegetables, except they don’t like to eat green much. It could be because of their hobbies or maybe their digestive system has a problem leading to anorexia. So you should choose the best bedding for bearded dragons without affecting the digestive system so they can enjoy more food.

Switching up these greens above in bearded dragon diet, or you can find out the greens that they like and mix with the other greens. Mixing up what you give them also can make sure that they have a balanced diet.

#2 Using “Nature Zone Bearded Dragon Salad Dressing”

You can add about 3 to 6 teaspoons of “Nature Zone Bearded Dragon Salad Dressing” into their greens can encourage them from eating it. This salad dressing is a product of Nature Zone, which is a nutritional supplement and appetite stimulant.

This product when pouring onto your bearded dragon’s greens will add a fruity flavor for their meal. Moreover, this salad dressing also is the source of antioxidants, carotenoids, calcium and vitamin.

Many bearded dragon keepers prefer to use this product and it really gives back the expected results.

#3 Using “Zoo Med Lizard Flower Food Topper”

This flower food is an all-natural product; these flowers are part of a natural reptile diet. You can add “Zoo Med Lizard Flower Food Topper” at the top of greens or mix with the greens that you feed your bearded dragons.

No additives or dyes, this product is safe and nutritional. It s also adds a great source of fiber, minerals and vitamin for your bearded dragons.

What Is The Best Chicken Waterer? Different Types Of Waterer

Providing water for flock not only as simple as fill up the container, place it in the chicken coop and allow your chicken access whenever they need it. There is one more important thing you have to do is choosing the best chicken waterer.

Some of the best chicken feeders come with water for chicken. However, they are not suitable for large number of chicken. So a chicken waterer is necessary.

Chicken waterers come in a variety of types and materials, for people who are first-time keeping chicken, this might not an easy task. In this post we are going into detail on the different varieties of waterers and their pros and cons.

#1 Chicken nipple waterer

This waterer includes some litter plastic valves, which are attached to a plastic box. Since the water only goes out when the chicken touches the valves, so the advantage of this waterer is that it keeps the water very clean.

Using this waterer, you will need to change the water for at least once per week and more often when the weather gets hot. It also takes less effort of maintenance and you will not daily clean it. This waterer will solve the problem of spills and leakage water.

You will need to train your chicken to use the valves, but not all the chickens can get along with this.

#2 Gravity fill waterer

Gravity fill water is the simplest and common way to provide water for your flock. This waterer is more suitable for the flock with just a few hens.

This traditional waterer needs to be filling up every day. You will need to check it and add water more frequently during the hottest summer days.

#3 Chicken cup waterer

This waterer has the same design as chicken nipple waterer except that it has the cups to hold water instead. There is the valve in the center of the cup that releases water when the chicken toughs it. If your chicken cannot get along with the nipple and this will be the good alternative options.

However, the chicken cups cannot have the advantage as the nipple since it will collect dirt inside. The cups also make the chicken limbered when walking.

What Is The Best Guinea Pig Cage? Aquariums vs C&C Cage

To take good care of guinea pigs, it is not about only choose the best bedding for guinea pigs, it is absolutely essential to choose appropriate housing for your guinea pigs too. You might have some misconception about guinea pigs cage especially if you are a new owner and have never keep guinea pigs before.

Many guinea pig keepers house guinea pigs in a cage that unsuitable for them. In order to ensure your pets will grow into a healthy, happy cavy; we will give you some basic information about the aquarium and C&C cage. These cages are two of the most common cage for guinea pigs today.

#1 Air circulation

Air circulation is one of the most important aspects of rodents. If the air cannot circulate well, it may lead to the risk of respiratory infections, the temperature is harder to maintain, and it also gets hard to control odor.

Because of these reasons above, it is easy to see that Cubes grids and Coroplast cage are better in air circulation than an aquarium. The aquarium is a poorly ventilated cage. It is also can lead to mold and disease for your guinea pigs.

#2 Easy to clean

The advantage is that aquarium relatively easier to clean than Cubes grids and Coroplast cage. You just need to take out all the objects in the aquarium out and wash down the walls with a mixture of water and vinegar.

In contrast, due to the wire bottom and walls, Cubes grids and the Coroplast cage is making the cage harder to clean. Instead, you can disassemble it and clean every nook and cranny.

#3 Size

This is the factor that makes C&C cage become the best guinea pig cage. While the aquarium side is quite small for one guinea pig since the recommended to keep a singer guinea pig in about seven square feet of space.

C&C cage comes in varied sizes and provides enough space to walk around and play. Moreover, the outstanding point of this cage is that this is can be the ability to expand, reduce, and divide.

That means you can use cable ties and extra grids to wide open the cage when your guinea pigs are bigger or when you want to keep more guinea pigs in your cage.

Guinea pigs need exercise and they require room for their activities and relax. Besides, guinea pigs are social animals, they will do best when they have friend and you may want to keep two or more guinea pigs together.

Therefore, you should provide them a cage that large enough to avoid they fight each other if their quarters are too small.

Best Aquarium Air Pump: Tetra Whisper Vs Mylivell Quietest Air Pump

When it comes to keeping an aquarium, you will definitely need the right equipment.

There are many things you should consider, especially with multiple air pump products available out there, it is could be tough to choose the best air pump that works for you.

Which air pump is right for your aquarium? And what air pump is the quietest and also deliver enough air to your tank?

In order to answer these questions and help you to find out the best aquarium air pump, this article is going to compare two of the most common and reliable brands of air pump: Tetra whisper and Mylivell quietest air pump.

#1 Noise and vibrations

Both Tetra whisper and Mylivell quietest air pumps are considered to be the best aquarium air pumps, but there are many differences between the two products.

If you are looking for the quietest devices so there is not much air pump that can far superior to Mylivell air pump. This device runs on the piezoelectric systems. That means it does not contain any motor or shaft.

In other words, this air pump is very silent and save energy. It requires only 1,8 watts of power to operate.

Research has shown that just produce only 33 decibels. By seeing the gathering of bubbles at the top of the tank, you can identify if it is working or not.

On the other hand, Terra whisper is not the quietest air pump. It is cannot as quiet as Mylivell air pumps since it is run by a motor. However, Terra whisper has thick motor walls, which help reducing vibration and noise.

#2 Capacity

Mylivell air pump is quite small and lightweight, it is only 4,8 ounces in weight. Due to this size, this pump will work suitable for the small and medium-size tank.

It only offers services for up to 40 gallons tank. This pump works best for a tank that is no more than 500mm in depth.

While the Terre air pump brings a lot of power. It comes in various capacities that you can choose depending on the size of the aquarium you have. Tetra whisper comes in different sizes and capacities from 10 gallons to 100 gallons.

In fact, the 10 gallons model seems to offer too much power for small tank under 5 gallons as betta fish tank. Luckily, it offers a control valve, which able to reduce the flow.

#3 Aeration

Due to its capacity, Mylivell pump may not provide enough the amount of oxygen in the larger tank. This pump has a low air output and so the aeration may not very good for some species of fish.

Tetra air pump is designed to deliver aeration even in the deep water. There are some other air pumps that more expensive than the Tetra air pump but cannot produce as much air as the Tetra whisper.

Buying Guide: Best Snap Caps

Many gun owners want to test their fire arm if possible. The best snap caps can do just that for them if used properly. The snap caps will allow the gun to activate as usual with an empty clip. The snap caps will make a noise and allow the gun owner to hear the sound. The intent is to test the firing pin and make sure that it is not worn out when in use. The best snap caps are important because it won’t damage the gun in any way. Trust the best snap caps and give the concept a try in good time. That will result in some impressive firing tests that allow gun owners to use the model correctly.

Check out the reviews for the best snap caps on the market. Other gun owners have given that project a chance in real time. They want to learn more about the reviews that can be given to the products. The best snap caps are sold to people who want a good deal. Trust the market and see what people have to say about the project so far. The reviews are composed by dedicated gun owners on the market. These guns can be cleaned and repaired thanks to the best snap caps. Write new reviews and support the best snap caps on the market today.

The price tag for the best snap caps are going to be set. Be ready to pay a fair price for the best snap caps for people interested. The best snap caps can be used to make the project work as intended. The best snap caps are important for a lot of reasons. Pay the price and have the products shipped to the home. Expect full shipping and handling prices on the order as listed.

How to Extract CBD from Hemp at Home: A DIY Guide for Beginners

Hemp is known for being a potent source of cannabidiol, also known as CBD, as the latter is higher compared to its content of THC. CBD is popular for its long list of uses, which is why more and more people are being interested in its extraction. To be specific, it can be used for the treatment of painanxietyseizures, spasm, and psychosis, among other medical problems. If you want to take advantage of the benefits of CBD, one of the best ways to have it used is in the form of an oil derived from a hemp plant. If you want to learn how to extract CBD from hemp at home, keep on reading and we’ll let you know how to do it. As a beginner, the extraction process can be intimidating at first. However, once you know the basics of how it is done, you will realize that it is actually easier than what you have initially thought.

CO2 Extraction of CBD from Hemp

The process is more complicated, which is why it is not as popular. Basically, it involves the need to force CO2 into the plant extract to derive the oil from the hemp. More than being complex, you will also need expensive equipment to complete this extraction method. This makes it easy to understand why a lot of people are not a fan of such a process. This is a process that is often done in a commercial laboratory. Because of this, we will not tackle this method since we are only talking about extraction of CBD oil from hemp in a process that can be completed at home.

The Ideal Method To Trellis Outdoor Cannabis Plants

With the following steps, you can support your outdoor cannabis plants. This framework is intended for and works best with bigger fabric aeration containers, going from 100 to 1,000 gallons in size.

Stage 1: Initial Support

A big, heavy-duty tomato cage is at the center of this framework and it will provide the internal help to the main branches and stems. Install the tomato cage at the season of transplanting to abstain from damaging the developing root system.

Stage 2: Install T-posts

Install four metal T-posts that are spaced equally around the container (if a nonexistent line is drawn from post to post, it would make a square around the circular container). Depending on the size of your container, the T-posts ought to be somewhere in the range of six to 10 feet long and secured sufficiently enough into the ground to guarantee maximum stability. The T-posts are in charge of holding the whole structure upright, so don’t compromise with this progression. To give an additional level of support, the initial support caging can be attached to every one of the T-posts.

Stage 3: Add Horizontal Trellising

The level trellising will have the task of supporting the upper branches of the plant, so utilize wire fencing or substantial vinyl-covered wire caging with four to six-inch square openings as these will be sufficiently solid to help the heaviness of the flowering plant. Cut your picked wire material into a couple of square pieces sufficiently vast to contact the T-posts. Simply over the tomato confine, hang the main square of confining on a level plane by binds the corners to the T-posts with wire or a solid planting twine. It is critical that the level trellising be as secure as conceivable to guarantee legitimate help of the upper branches. For improved support, introduce an auxiliary flat trellis around a couple of feet over the first. Each area of the horizontal trellising ought to be set up before the developing branches get to it. This will enable them to effortlessly grow into the caging’s openings.

Stages 4 and 5: Creating the Outer Caging

The outer caging is there to help bolster the outward, lateral developing branches. Utilize a similar wire fencing or substantial vinyl-covered wire confining that was utilized to make the horizontal trellising. Cut the caging material so each piece fits in the spaces between the T-posts, shaping a square box. The outer caging ought to be installed around a couple of feet over the highest point of the container—to enable simple access for consistent maintenance, for example, watering or pruning—and get to the top of the T-posts. Secure the outer caging firmly to the T-posts in a few distinct spots. Much like the horizontal trellising, the external part of the supportive framework ought to be set up before the branches achieve this point so they can without much of a stretch grow into the caging’s openings. A great deal of diligent work and arrangement goes into the development of an effective cannabis plant. The most ideal approach to avoid disappointment is by finding a way to anticipate undesirable events in the garden. A plant falling over from a solid whirlwind, or branches parting from the sheer weight of aging flowers is an unsettling approach to lose a segment (or all) of a plant, particularly since this sort of disappointment can be effortlessly averted. Utilizing this basic strategy for plant and container stabilization will help guarantee that your plants will remain upright all through the season and give you one less thing to stress over.